$2,200 Donation to Our Charity!

The bills have all been paid (mainly to the duplicator, but also mechanical licensing, shipping/postage, and other miscellaneous expenses) and we are still able to donate $2,200 to the Allentown Rescue Mission from sales of our Music Production class’s holiday CD, “Parkland: A Season for Giving (2011).”  The Allentown Rescue Mission helps homeless men in the Lehigh Valley  turn their lives around. What’s more, this organization received almost no government funding, so private donations such as ours mean all that much more.

By far, this has been our best year ever in terms of number of CDs sold (about 300) and profit.  In fact, we probably could have sold about 50 more CDs if we’d only had them on hand at our last sales event (the PHS Band and Chorus concert)….oh well, live and learn! Plus, the CD had some great new, and “greatest hits,” student-generated music on it to boot!

A hearty congratulations to the students in the Parkland High School Fall 2011 Music Production class. As the bitter winter cold ramps up in the Northeast, making the reality of being homeless in our area that much more dire, I’m proud to say these PHS students have made a positive difference in our community.

BTW, if you haven’t listened to the podcast about this year’s CD for charity project, check it out here (click this link).

Handing off $2,200 donation to Gary Millspaugh, Director of the Allentown Rescue Mission


At last evening’s PHS Band/Chorus Concert we sold our last 30 or so CDs and currently have no inventory left!  However, today we put in one last “emergency” order to the duplicator: sometime Tuesday we should be getting 40 more CDs and THAT will be it.

If you’ve thought about getting this disk but still haven’t, don’t wait longer than early next week.  Stop by the Music Tech lab (A120) and see Dr. Watson.  Maybe this video of Andrew singing his original song, THE MEANING LEFT BEHIND, from the “Season for Giving (2011)” CD will win you over and move you to buy the CD!


Still not convinced? How about this clip of Principal Dr. Lessel and PHS teacher Mr. Schwartz singing their track from the CD, “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”?


Wonderful Concert, Super Sales

Last night the PHS Concert Choir, Chorale, and Orchestra delivered great performances at their Winter Concert.  Thanks to Mr. Anonia and Mrs. Creeden for letting us “plug” the CD, and for Allentown Rescue Mission director, Gary Millspaugh, for coming out to the concert, greeting the audience, and sharing the work of the Rescue Mission.

Music Production class members Juliette and Nick worked the CD sales table in the lobby and sold a record 68 CDs in one night!  Could their strong sales numbers have something to do with Juliette’s standing on a chair in the lobby and waving the CD back and forth?

Parkland High School's orchestra, Karen Creeden director, performs at the Chorus/Orchestra concert on 12/8/11.


Coffe House CD Launch a Success!

This a.m. (Wed., Dec. 7) we officially introduced the PARKLAND: A SEASON FOR GIVING (2011) holiday CD to the school and community at a “Coffee House” in the PHS auditorium lobby. Several tracks received “live” performances (James’ “Jingle Bells,” Andrew’s “The Meaning Left Behind,” and Dr. Lessel’s/Mr. Schwartz’s rendition of “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”), and the others were played over the PA for all to hear.  The Performing Arts Club did a great job as always serving coffee/tea/hot chocolate and baked goods, and we had at least three media reps with us: a camera man from TV2, and reporters from the Parkland Press and South Whitehall Patch.  At our sales table, we sold 18 CDs – not bad for a 7:00-7:40 a.m. crowd!

Dr. Lessel and Mr. Schwartz perform "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" with Michael on bass and Andrew on drums, while James works the sound board.


Kaela (PR) and Genna (Marketing) work the sales table at the Coffee House CD Launch.

Rescue Mission Director Visits Class

As on of our bloggers mentioned in the last post, Gary Millspaugh, Director of the Allentown Rescue Mission, stopped by our Music Production class 2nd period today to say “hi” and “thanks” to our class.  In addition to asking us some questions about how we put the CD together, he listened to a track from the CD and shared with the class how our donation will be used to met the needs of the homeless men attended to by his organization.  We look forward to seing Mr. Millspaugh again this Thurs. when he’ll share briefly with the audience at our high school Chorus and Orchestra Concert.  We know how busy he is and how important is his work, so we really appreciate his taking the time to come to Parkland!

Allentown Rescue Mission Director, Mr. Gary Millspaugh, hands a check to class Public Relations rep, Kaela B., for 25 CDs to send as a "thank you" to Rescue Mission donors.

A Quick Shout Out and Thank You!

Just wanted to make a quick shout out and thank you to all of those who came to the Orefield Middle School concert and to those of you who bought our CDs!  We are really proud of our middle school and we are so thankful for those of you who purchased the Season for Giving CD!


Just to keep everyone updated, we just got an incredible visit from a person who is very special and influential to our CD:  Gary Milsbaugh, the director of the Allentown Rescue Mission!  We are so excited to actually have met him and for those of you coming out to this Thursday’s High school orchestra and 11/12 grade chorus concert, you could meet Mr. Milsbaugh as well!!!  We hope to see a lot of you there!

Sales Dates for the Parkland: A Season for Giving CD

Hey everyone!  I hope this finds you well and that you all had a great weekend!  We seemingly have all of the final dates and locations for sales of the holiday CD!

Tonight at the Orefield Middle School concert at Parkland High School at 7 PM is our first concert sales day!!!!  We hope to see a lot of people show up to support the kids and also to support the Allentown Rescue Mission in sales!

Additional concert sales dates(all concerts begin at 7PM):

December 7:  Jaindl Elementary

December8:  High School (Orchestra and 11/12 grade chorus)

December 12:  Orefield Middle School Band concert (at the high school) AND Cetronia Elementary School

December 13:  Ironton Elementary

December 14:  Kratzer Elementary

December 15:  High school (band and 9/10 grade chorus)

December 16:  Middle School Orchestra Concert(at the high school)

December 19:  Kernsville Elementary

December 20:  Springhouse Middle School band concert (at the high school)


Additionally,  the CDs will be sold this Wednesday, December 7th in the Parkland High School Auditorium lobby from 7-740 at our weekly coffeehouse and this Sunday December 11 at Congregation Keneseth Israel from 9:30-12:30 in the holiday sales in the multipurpose room.  Additional dates and locations currently being considered.  Updates soon to come.  Keep buying the CDs!  We’ve already had a great turn out and amazing orders from the CDs.  We really appreciate it and I’m sure the people from the Allentown Rescue Mission will too!  Thanks so much every one!

A Season for Giving CD is in!

Hey everyone!  The Parkland: A Season for Giving CD is finally in!  The first official sale date will be Monday December 5th at the Orefield Chorus concert so come and and support the middle school chorus kids and take part in the generosity that is the Season for Giving CD!  Buy a CD or 2 for $10 each and support the Allentown Rescue Mission.  Also, come see live performances and presentations of the songs from the CD in the Parkland High School auditorium lobby on December 7th from 7 Am-7:35 AM!  Hope to see a lot of you there!  Keep an eye out for more sale dates of a great holiday CD!!

A Season for Giving CD Coming Soon!!! Updated Release Date!

The Parkland High School Music Production class has finished the Season for Giving CD!  Our official release date for the CD will be at the coffee house located in the Parkland High School auditorium lobby on Wednesday December 7th!  However, we have just been informed of an early release date on Monday December 5th at the Orefield Middle School chorus concert, also located in the Parkland High School auditorium!!  We are planning to sell these wonderful CDs at all of the middle school and high school concerts from December 5th on and possibly at a few of the elementary school concerts (definite dates soon to come).  As the holiday season approaches, keep in mind that a CD filled with wonderful holiday songs makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift for friends and family alike! Additionally, for anyone who would be around on December 11th, the Season for Giving CD will be sold at the Holiday Vendor Fair in the Congregation Keneseth Israel Multi Purpose room from 9:30 AM-12PM along with some fun gifts made by other vendors in the Allentwon area!  More dates and locations of sales soon to come!

For those who would rather buy online, the CD is still being sold from the aforementioned website, direct from the vendor and can also be purchased (all tracks except Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer) on iTunes!  Any ideas for more locations to sell the Season for Giving CD?  Leave us some comments and let us know and we will do our best to see where we can get and what we can do to get our CD out!  Remember, this is for a great cause!  Come out and support the Allentown Rescue Mission when you buy our Parkland High School A Season for Giving CD!